Thursday, July 1, 2010

Found my place in Florence!

Many thanks to Melanie Guardino, an International Fashion Merchandising Management student at FIT, who looked high and low throughout Florence to locate my new apartment for me. She's a student ambassador with the Office of International Programs at FIT who moved to Florence and currently helps new students get settled into life there. My apartment is on Via Lacopo da Diacceto - my new street. My landlord, Carlo Seghi and his family live on the top level of this beautiful building - my apartment is on the first level.

My apartment is a one bedroom place - pretty small, but the location is magnificent! I'm just a few minutes walk to the Duomo (the cathedral in the center), Santa Croce - a hip neighborhood, the train station and to school.

I'm still practicing my Italian, filing for my visa, trying to rent my condo, selling my car, selling my belongings (except for two suitcases), preparing to work fashion week in Miami, trying to finish strong at my current job, and focusing on keeping God first in all of this. I'm feeling the weight of it all, but I am so excited. I'm on my way to living out my dreams! The journey is a dream in and of itself...

... so, if you're wondering if I have enough time for you, my heart is to make time. Staying connected to my family and friends is of the utmost importance to me. None of this is worth anything if there aren't people you love to share it with. Thank you for sharing this time with me. It means the world!