Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Week of Design School in Florence

Here are a few pictures of my design school here in Florence. I am an International Fashion Design student at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT based in NYC), but the Italian campus is housed at Polimoda, an International Fashion Design and Marketing school in Florence. Every time I tell people in Florence where I go to school, they are always like "oh wow, that school". I knew it was a good school, but I didn't realize how well respected it was among the locals. It's a good feeling to be at one of the best schools in the country.

This week is orientation week. I just received my class schedule, and my course of study is quite rigorous. I'll be in class from 9 - 5pm, sometimes 9 - 6pm with about an hour break only on 4 days of the week. The fifth day goes straight through with a student association meeting at the lunch hour. This is no joke! I'm glad. I didn't want to come here to waste my time - not that you could do that here. Everything around you is so enriching.

The campus of Polimoda is housed in Villa Strozzi. It's a beautiful park, the well maintained grounds of and old Italian palace. There's a bar (cafeteria), an outdoor stage where they hold graduation, and the actual home which is now administrative offices and the library.

This is the ceiling of library. The floor to ceiling windows have a beautiful panoramic view of Florence.

This is where I go to school. You can picture me here!


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