Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm moving to Italy!

Yes, you heard right! I'm moving to Florence, Italy!

For those of you who don’t know, I was accepted into Fashion Institute of Technology’s International Fashion Design program. It’s a two-year program: one year in Florence, Italy and one year in New York City. This is seriously the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve wanted to do this for over 10 years now, and I’m finally doing it.

Some people have asked me “why now?” All I can say is it’s now or never. This is one of the only things in life that I know I will truly regret not going after. So instead of taking my dream to the grave with me, I thought I’d turn this baby loose and see what she can do! J

Loving that song by Drake by the way! “I’m doing me, I’m doing me, I’m living life right now and this is what I’m gonna to do til its over, til its over, but its far from over!” Sorry if I botched the lyrics, but that's what I heard when I took a listen ;)

I can’t wait to share with you all of the amazing things God is doing in my life – the lessons I’m learning, the risks I’m taking and the way I’m going to be able to make a difference in the world. This life has so much purpose!

* * * * *

Separate note - to my blog kings and queens - please call me out if I'm not giving appropriate recognition for other people's content. I know about this a little, but it's different when you're doing it.

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  1. Nina, I am SO proud of you! I am SO excited for you! Isn't God amazing?! =)
    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and Have a WONDERFUL time in Italy!