Monday, June 14, 2010

My sister got married!

My younger sister, Lea, just got married to an awesome guy, Chris, just about a week ago. They are an awesome pair with an awesome name, The Porches. Like the car, without the 's'

I can't quite remember how this came about, but I wanted to design something special for her since she was getting hitched and all. Maybe a dress for her bridal shower - something short and sweet. When she saw it, she wanted to wear it where everyone could see - at the reception!

The dress actually began as a knee-length frock. Here are the before and after pictures.

...but at the request of my sister it turned into a gown - my first time making a gown. Thank God for her! It turned out fabulous, and it pushed me to do something new. I still love the original design, and I will probably do it again in a different color. The gown, however, was perfect for the occasion.

This is the first Nina Harrell reception gown, and I must say – she looked stunning!

She looked so beautiful!

I know this is the teaser... but I have to wait for the pics to come back from the wedding photographer so you can actually see her in the dress. For now, I borrowed a pic from a new friend, Ali, who attended the wedding.

I promise I'll get better shots of the dress in a later post! Promise!

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